Pregnancy Pillow FAQs

Pregnancy Pillow FAQs

Still have questions? No problem. Being pregnant is a huge life adjustment, so it’s natural and expected to have questions about this new time in your life. This section is dedicated to answering lingering questions about how to best use your pregnancy pillow. From best sleeping practices to using the pillow with your newborn, here are the answers to the most frequently asked best pregnancy pillow questions.

Can I lay on my front during my pregnancy?

Although there is some debate in the medical community about this, it’s generally recommended to not lay on your front during pregnancy. This becomes increasingly important as your bump grows into the second and third trimesters.

How often should I wash my pregnancy pillow?

While this is generally left to personal discretion, a general guideline for washing linens is once weekly. Especially because you’ll be in close bodily contact with the pillow, you’ll want to be sure to properly sanitize it to keep you healthy. Again, this is flexible for personal preference, but a weekly wash is a good rule of thumb.

I am above/below the average height, is a pregnancy pillow suitable for me?

Yes! If you are above average height, then you’ll want to opt for a total body pregnancy pillow type. These range from five to six feet in length and can accommodate taller women. If you are more petite, then consider getting a mini version of the total body pillow, such as the leachco snoogle mini pregnancy pillow.

I’ve been suffering with heartburn throughout my pregnancy, will a pregnancy pillow help?

It depends. From personal experience, I know how tricky (and miserable) heartburn can be. The reason is because as the uterus expands when the baby grows, it puts more pressure on all the surrounding internal organs. As a result, stomach acid gets pushed upward, causing heartburn. Sleeping at an angle or in an upright position can alleviate this, so it depends on the type of pregnancy pillow you buy. You’ll need one that can help prop up your head and chest in order to get some relief from heartburn.

Can I let my baby sleep on my pregnancy pillow?

No. Although it may seem perfectly safe, all research points to babies sleeping flat on their backs for safest sleep. As I mentioned earlier, I let my baby practice propping on the pillow as well as used it for breastfeeding support. But leaving the baby unattended or asleep on the pillow should be avoided. You should not put the pillow or any blankets in the bed with sleeping baby.

Can a pregnancy pillow help stop my back pain?

It can definitely help! Back pain during pregnancy can be a result of many factors. Using a pregnancy pillow will reduce the pressure on the muscles that are compensating for the growing belly. Exercise, posture correction, and not sitting for long periods of time can also help back pain.

Will a pregnancy pillow stop me from rolling onto my back?

Not necessarily, but it may make it more uncomfortable. This depends on what type of pregnancy pillow you buy. For example, a wedge type pillow would not make much of a difference for rolling onto your back. However, a total body pregnancy pillow that hugs your spine will make it less easy and comfortable to roll onto your back.

What is the difference between a pregnancy pillow and a nursing pillow?

Nursing pillows are only designed to help support breastfeeding endeavors. Pregnancy pillows, on the other hand, are designed to help the expecting mother get a better night of sleep. Some pregnancy pillows double up with benefits because they can also be used for breastfeeding support.

Why is there an expiration date on my pregnancy pillow?

While most pregnancy pillows offer a two-year expiration date from time of unpacking, it’s recommended to use them for 12-15 months before replacing. This is because the firmness and support of the pillow is compromised after extended use. It’s also because the pillow can collect dust mites and allergens that can cause allergic reactions.

Can I buy a used pregnancy pillow?

This is not recommended, unless the pillow was rarely used. For example, if you have a friend who tried her pillow once, didn’t like it, but couldn’t return it, then you could make an exception. But in general, a used pillow is not ideal because it has wear and tear from its previous owner. Thus, you won’t get the same quality or length of use from a previously owned pillow.

When to buy a pregnancy pillow?

My advice if to buy your pregnancy pillow when you are starting to find it difficult to sleep. Every pregnancy and every woman is different, but from month four onwards you will likely require additional support for your bump.