5 Ways to Know It’s the Best Pregnancy Pillow

5 Ways to Know It’s the Best Pregnancy Pillow

best pregnancy pillowYou can’t sleep.

As your body has grown and changed during your pregnancy, you find it difficult to get comfortable. Sleeping on your stomach is out of the question. Lying on your back doesn’t feel great.

With a pregnancy pillow, you can finally get back to restful nights in dreamland. How do you choose the best pregnancy pillow, though?

Here are five indicators you’ve found a fantastic pillow.

1. Your Pains Disappear

You expected to have back pain.

After all, your stomach is expanding as your baby grows inside you. Of course, your back is going to hurt.

You didn’t account for the leg aches, the shoulder strain, and the neck pain. That, combined with your sore back, makes it nearly impossible to sleep.

When you use a pregnancy pillow, though, that changes. This pillow allows you to curl up on your side into what’s known as the half-fetal position. By sleeping this way, there’s less strain on your neck and back.

You wake up each day in less pain. You have more energy because you got a solid night’s sleep. And you can go about your day, whether you’re at work or at home, without feeling like a zombie.

2. You Have Less Heartburn

Your cravings are like a double-edged sword.

Yes, they taste great in the moment, but then you get heartburn. A lot of food gives you heartburn, actually.

This is a normal symptom of pregnancy. However, it’s still painful.

If you’ve found the best pregnancy pillow, you can actually reduce your heartburn.


Pregnancy heartburn occurs because your stomach acid has nowhere to go with a baby in your stomach. If you don’t mind sleeping sitting up, or at least propped up, you may be able to eliminate heartburn.

3. Your Whole Body Feels Supported

Your regular pillows aren’t cutting it anymore.

Sure, these support your head, but what about the rest of you? More and more, you feel like you need support from your bed and your pillows.

A pregnancy pillow offers just that. These cradle the whole body, from your head to your toes. You can even snuggle up to your pillow for a feeling of security.

4. You’re Sleeping in the Right Position

Which position is best for pregnant women to sleep in?

There’s only one answer: on your side.

Sleeping on your stomach is ill-advised. You’re also not supposed to sleep on your back.

If you naturally sleep on your back, though, how can you adjust to sleeping on your side?

The best pregnancy pillow may have a wedge or other center feature so if your body moves throughout the night, you’ll wake up and notice. These wedges aren’t meant to hurt you. They’re just meant to discourage you from sleeping on your back.

5. And the Biggest Way to Know You Found the Best Pregnancy Pillow: You Feel Rested

You know you won’t sleep much once the baby arrives.

You never thought you’d be sleepless and pregnant, though. But you don’t have to be. As a mother-to-be, you should be enjoying long nights of restorative sleep.

Your body is undergoing huge changes. You need to take care of yourself and your growing baby, and that starts with a good night’s sleep.

With a pregnancy pillow, you’ll wake up refreshed and rested. You’ll be ready for whatever challenges your pregnancy brings.

Want to learn more about pregnancy pillows? Check out the Pregnancy Pillow Guide to find the best pillows for your sleep needs.

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